For the last couple of months I’m using Ubuntu. I’m happy with it, after all I’ve installed it so I won’t have to customize many things, mainly out of boredom and secondly to focus on my work. Covid19 made us all work from home, so I won’t make significant changes to my machine as long as this keeps going.

I have installed Ubuntu in the middle of an existential crisis after dividing my partition in two because I missed it. My old laptop couldn’t run it properly and I was avoiding it for that reason. However, the new update (which I did not rush to installed and I have explained why) makes heavy use of snaps which I really don’t like. So I’m planning my next update when I will unite my whole partition under a new OS and that will be Fedora.
I have been using Fedora before my existential crisis and I guess I was so happy about it that I got bored. It was a mistake but after all I liked Ubuntu 18. I guess our roads will be part. Farewell old friend and teacher!