Finally, I was able to make the change. And It was a good one.
The installation went smooth, except for one little bug in anaconda installer.

Anaconda couldn’t auto-create the partition scheme from the first location selector screen. I had to select advanced, manually remove my old partitions and then let the installer auto-create the new ones. After that everything went well.

The new Gnome is smoother and faster. I only had to install the gnome-tweak-tool and the rpmfusion repositories from As for Gnome extensions I have installed dash to panel.

I am happy the there are no snaps here: Running the lsblk command, lists only my real partitions😜. After installing the updates, I added my favorite applications: emacs (version 26.3 and orgmode 9!), ledger, Thunderbird, VLC, Nextcloud, Tor browser and of course Minecraft.

The whole experience so far seems really nice, and that’s good if you plan to keep a distro for years (yes, I’m done with distro hopping).