Digital minimalism


I’m feeling a bit stressed lately. When I feel like that, I know I got anxiety about finding new projects to make something out of myself. I don’t like this feeling and I usually drop everything.

I admit it’s hard for me. Not having a list of projects to consider. But I don’t need it. I carry one for so many years, without any results. I’ve always did things I loved. Never had the time to push myself doing things I should. Or never had the will?

I’ve been trying again and again and I only kept on completing projects I deeply cared about.

I prefer to be present and only spend some relaxed time in front of my PC doing something I like doing. That’s all. I’m also considering the establishment of an off-grid day or weekend. Maybe starting from Saturday noon until Sunday night. Only books and writing will be permitted.

I’ve read some minimalism related blogs today. Not the design style for houses that rich people can afford, but the live-with-the-essentials kind. I’ve got some ideas regarding the decision of what’s important in my life. The blog by Leo Babauta got to me. He talks about my problems of tasks, goals and the anxiety they produce without any good reason. For one to be able to live in the present, she needs to take care of the clutter by deciding what is actually needed and discard everything else as clutter.

Thinking about that idea, reminded me of lots and lost of useless stuff and processes I can get rid of. It’s the only thing to do when the burden of the mind feels heavy and unbearable.

Another great resource with minimalist ideas is the blog of Manuel Moreale.

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