Exiting the music feedback loop: Ted Gioia


Ted Gioia is one of my recently favourite music writers. Among others, he’s a musician, a critic, and a historian. He knows jazz and he listens to music of all kinds. His list of the 100 best recordings of 2019 is beautiful, but overwhelming and exhausting for a common mortal like me.

So I took a pick from his list, based on genres I would like to explore or I already like. I hope that a selection like this, will help me break the feedback loop. You know, whatever is that all modern music playing devices and social apps do, suggesting infinite amounts of new music based of what you already like, making it really hard to explore anything new.

My 2019 album list to process

  1. Melissa Aldana . Visions
  2. Brijean . Walkie talkie
  3. Laurie Anderson . Songs from the bardo
  4. Chick Corea . Trilogy 2
  5. Daisy the great . I’m not getting any taller
  6. Lana del Rey . Norman fucking Rockwell
  7. Bill Frisell . Epistrophy
  8. Karaindrou . Tous des oiseaux
  9. Ben Monder . Day after day
  10. Raconteurs . Help us stranger
  11. Smith N’ Weston . Get down

Here is Ted Gioia’s full 2019 list