Gadgetbridge: Set your wrist band free!


Gadgetbridge is an android open source project to connect your wrist band to your mobile phone and manage it without sending data to the manufacturer through the official and heavy apps.

It’s been a while since I don’t use my fitband to record daily activity or sleep. I really don’t care gathering all that data [*]. What I do, is use it as a watch and an alarm clock, which is in fact a very good idea. I love its vibrational only alarm that buzzes on your wrist, discrete and silent. And that’s where all the good stuff ends.

Whenever I would try to connect to set or unset my alarms, the manufacturer’s app would download tons of data from my device, making me wait for ages since I don’t have it permanently connected via Bluetooth. Oh boy what a pain that was…

After searching for an alternative solution, I found gadgetbridge. It took a bit of configuration and factory resetting my fitband, but it worked great!

Now all I have to do is turn on Bluetooth, connect and do my job fast and easy. You can find it at F-droid and the project’s website

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