Getting out of the pit


Yesterday, I realized that I fell into the pit again. The pit, or rabbit-hole of my mobile phone. In the lockdown days it is so easy to happen. You get bored, you get your phone. Twitter, reddit, hacker news and Don’t forget the links. One leads to another. Oh that’s a video…I had to do something again. I need to relax a bit. It’s been months I haven’t read a physical book.

What can I do about that? I gave it some thought…

Using my phone’s focus mode!

I’m trying the focus mode of my phone. The attempt is going really well so far. It’s really simple: To stop myself using my web browser, various sites, youtube and twitter I have made a focus mode group in my Samsung phone. The new Android supports this kind of functionality, which is part of the digital wellbeing series of google.

The rules are simple. When I’m working (and in need for various apps on my phone) I remove the focus mode. When I’m off work I’m entering this mode and have access to some basic apps like the phone, messaging, viber and feedly if I want to read something. That’s all. If I want to do more serious work, I will open my computer.

That’s all. Because these things are highly addictive!