I'm off with the infinity loops


Now that I have more free time and I can totally write new posts on this blog I can elaborate on the happy torture of the infinity loops.

By infinity loops I’m referring to the endless feeds of information we are facing everyday in our mobile devices.

The time I was spending on my mobile in various apps was way more than I have imagined. And I’m not referring to Facebook (it’s been 2 years since I’ve delete my profile). It was all the rest. Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and recently Netflix. Oh, mobile Netflix. What a way to waste huge amounts of time.

That was until I realized those apps did not offer me any value and I uninstalled all of them. But this isn’t so easy as you may think. It is an addiction and like all the other addictions and you are in it for life. I didn’t make it from the first try. There were times that I was bored or slightly unhappy and cracked. I had quickly installed one of those apps to get a fix.

This is how hooked we all are into this new form of global economy which makes people rich by sucking up our attention. I admit, It took constant struggle but at some point I’ve made it.

Now the only thing I have in my mobile, is a feed reader and my firefox bookmarks. I’ve got always something to read but it doesn’t lead to a loop. Unfortunately many sites do not offer RSS feeds anymore to make you subscribe into mailing lists and Facebook or Twitter feeds, but oh well!

Who knows what an RSS feed is nowadays anyway?

The upside from all this? From the time I did this choice, I’ve been reading more physical books, and I have time to get bored, which had led me to some interesting ideas at last. So, I guess this whole deal is something worth struggling for.