It's a wild world outside of Linux


I’m a happy Linux user. For two years now, Linux is my primary Operating System. I’m learning, trying things and sometimes changing distributions, like most users do. And I’m having a blast every time.

I still keep a copy of Windows 10 on a partition, in case of emergency. The emergency arrived a couple of days ago, when my external hard disk failed while I was running a backup in clonezilla (It was my fault, for the record). Since Linux was not able to repair my drive using the NTFS tools and the manufacturer of the drive offered me a utility, I decided to give it a try. This was a good move from Western Digital (the manufacturer).

This utility (WD Essentials) was able to fix my drive but I had to use Windows for it. Needless to say, I had to download every update Microsoft issued since last year and to wait patiently since I was not able to stop it. I mean really, there was no way. Of course there were hacks to stop this bloody thing, but no Linux user in the world would waste time in such way. Of course I could work in offline mode but the utility needed an older version of the .NET libraries so I had to download them. It was a nightmare!

After a couple of hours, my drive was usable again -Thanks Western Digital- and Windows was shutting down for another thirty minutes installing updates… wasting me almost a whole afternoon just because I’m not their regular customer.

Please let me boot my Debian!

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