Living without Google: A list of apps


My new phone’s doesn’t contain no Google apps or services at all. I’ve been using a custom ROM for my phone but I could do the same just by disabling all Google services and apps.

My device has better battery life and I’m using only essential apps. This is a major step towards full degooglification and helps with mindful use of the phone, something I’m trying for some years now.

Here is the list of basic apps I use

# App Description
1. F-droid The open source store
2. Bitwarden Password manager from F-droid repo*
3. Nextcloud Cloud storage
4. K9mail Mail client
5. DAVx5 Contacts and calendar sync
6. Gadgetbridge Fitband management
7. Notes Notes for Nextcloud
8. NewPipe youTube videos
9. MuPDF viewer PDF viewer
10. Etar calendar Calendar app
11. Nextcloud news RSS reader
12. Fennec Browser The F-droid Firefox version
13. VLC Video player
14. Librera PRO Ebook reader
15. Forecastie Weather app
16. Viber (Apkmirror) Proprietary communication app
17. OsmAnd~ Maps & navigation

For apps that cannot be found on F-droid I use Fortunately until now, that goes only for the Viber app which is not open source.

*Bitwarden repo

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