My notebook, my friend


I love my notebook. It’s been always there for me, even if I ignore it from time to time when I’m trying shiny apps or exotic workflows. It was there every time I needed a place to write or just make a list. It’s been with me for years and I have many scribbled pages stored to remind me. Most of those notes are useless now, and I despise the egotistic notion that my writings are so special that they should be kept, but the ephemeral use of the pages are the notebook’s most useful feature.

I’ve used to try new systems and workflows every week, but every time I’ve failed, the notebook was my rescue. This was going on for years to the point that each year my notebook became more useful to me. I generally love text files and command line tools but the hard truth is that I’m not a professional developer and my work environment isn’t adjustable to my needs. So instead of trying to keep up with two separate systems while I was in covid lock-downs, the notebook came through once again simply by making my task list for the day.

Why do we make things so complicated?

#productivity #paper