Quarantine diaries


Okay, keeping a blog alive is hard. I never managed to do that more than some months. But I reboot quite often.

So, it’s been almost 6 months. We are now in a 2nd quarantine due to COVID-19 and my blog still exists. I don’t like it very much, It’s not what I was going for when I started it (6 times) but I’ll keep it anyway.

There are many things that occupied my mind all this time, and I will try to share. Like this big directory of personal blogs. I find some of the blogs inside really inspiring.

Now as a big update from the previous months is that I grow fond of Tiddlywiki again. Yes, after many years of using it, I found out that there was a new version which is really awesome. Needless to say I started my own wiki mixing some practices of various knowledge management practices that are trending lately in the field. Then I found a guy (h0p3) with a huge really inspiring wiki and it made so much sense.

This is a subject I rabbitholed a lot, but more updates on this in later posts.

My most important task (MIT) of today, was writing this post to reboot!