The new year is coming. It is a great opportunity for resets, at least to the extend of our abilities. A couple of days ago, I reset my computer data and my operating system. I reached a point where I could not think about new things without falling back into old patterns. I’m tired of the 2020 ideas, like my notes, the zettelkastens, emacs and miscellaneous linux explorations.

I felt drained and meaningless. So I packed up everything into a zip file, backed it up and format my hard drive. I love Fedora, but since I was going for a new beginning I chose to go with Ubuntu. I like them both because my main need nowadays is to install an OS that works out of the box. Crazy customizations are not my cup of tea anymore.

I just got my music and a couple of useful files.

Today I was rethinking my whole blogging situation. The truth is, I don’t know if anyone reads me and I fiddled with the idea to move to a platform where it would be easier to post, but I’ve decided to continue posting here for now. This brilliant chart by captures the blogging subject perfectly and punches in the face of the technically inclined bloggers like myself. This drawing is a lesson.

Honestly defined by

Honestly defined by

Btw, I’m writing in vim now. I have no courage to setup emacs again.

Either way, I’m a mess for the time being but I looked back and realized I have already wrote 22 posts this year. That can’t be so bad right?

🎼 Music as farewell: Ton Koopman - Corelli: Concerto grosso op. 6 nº 8 - Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia